RMC offers Spring Loaded Bus Bars. These bus bars are of a special kind. They have options of housings in Nylon or SMC with Spring Action contacts along with all stainless steel material inside. This helps the user not to use any kind of hardware for cable termination. Normally it is suitable for 200 Amp current and is fitted with EC Grade Copper.

The springs are required to be retained in the housing by means of a stainless steel rod at the bottom end of the housing so as to exert pressure on the pressure plate when cable is inserted in the Bus Bar.

The connections system shall be spring loaded so that no fasteners are required to add a new connection from the distribution system. Also, each connected cable shall have a pressure applied to it at the point of connection to provide connection integrity and eliminate loose connections.


  • Easy to connect

  • No hardware required

  • Tamper proof design

  • Excellent safety

  • Low maintenance needs

  • Ideal for surface mounting


  • Range from 150 Amp.(10 connectors).

  • No hardware thimbles, nuts, bolts, washers etc are required to connect service cable or output cable to bus bar.

  • Excellent distribution for all types of meters and is tamper proof.

  • Spring loaded busbar saves time of work force and provides safety at consumer end.

  • Suitable for surface mounting.