At RMC, we manufacture a wide range of Pultruded FRP Grating in India with a variety of resins, colours, depth, surface and mesh configurations.


FRP Grating (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) is also known as glass reinforced plastic grating or fiberglass grating. One of the main advantages FRP Grating has over steel is that FRP simply WILL NOT RUST. That’s why you frequently see FRP used around saltwater for walkways, docks, and handrails. FRP Grating looks so much like steel, so you may have seen FRP at a marina and not even know it. 


Pultruded FRP grating consists of continuous glass strands encased in resin and wrapped in a surfacing veil which protects the fibers and allows resin to saturate the outermost part of the bar as well as penetrate between the glass fibers. This ensures a smooth and corrosion-resistant surface, with a higher glass/resin ratio than molded products. The individual bars are then assembled using cross bars and epoxy to mechanically join the load bars. FRP Pultruded grating has unidirectional strength, with its much higher glass content resulting in a greater span capability than molded products. This product is usually specified in applications requiring larger spans or heavier loading.

What does RMC’s pultruded gratings provide?

Corrosion resistanceThis type of grating has the strength of steel, and it won’t corrode and break down like steel can.

SafetyOur grating features an epoxy anti-skid coating for enhanced traction.

Extended life Our granting has the ability to withstand the elements of nature. Resin provides the resistance to the environment and the glass provides strength, in addition provides safety from fire.

Easy Fabrication- A major advantage of pultruded FRP grating is that the panels are lightweight. That’s why they are easy to work with and you can easily cut and fabricate them by using standard tools.

Applications of PULTRUDED Gratings :

  • Floor System

  • Walkways

  • Work Platforms

  • Stairs

  • Ramps

  • Trench Covers

  • CatwalksCompanies across nearly all industries are starting to buy FRP grating because of the superior safety and quality it offers compared to many traditional grating and flooring materials. RMC provides top-notch FRP Gratin