Kit Kat Fuse

Kit Kat Fuse

Kit-Kat Fuse are made from Pure materials including good quality porcelain & copper/ brass parts.  The current carrying copper & brass components are Pure and Robust capable of carrying their rated current. 

  • Kit Kat fuse is a semi conductor fuse enclosed fuse for Domestic Uses

  • Fuse wire is not kept open in the air and it is also not completely closed

  • The fuse wire is attached to fuse which can be removed or connected to fuse base

  • A strip of this fuse is placed in series with the circuit

  • The phase wire is permanently connected to fuse base

All the Kitkat Fuses are type tested as per IS:2086 and are available in 4 KA. The range of KitKat is from 5 Amp to 300 Amp at 240V, 50Hz .

There are two parts:-

  • Fuse wire

  • Fuse base.