FRP Cable Trays

FRP Cable Trays

FRP is usually also called GRP. FRP Cable tray (it's more common to call GRP as FRP than otherwise) is basically fiberglass that is shaped into a cable tray.

RMC FRP cable trays are made on fully automated heavy duty plants. These cable trays meet stringent Fire retardant requirements.

These are good replacements of those cable trays that easily get corrode, spread heat and erode.


  • High Strength

  • No Earthing

  • Good Electrical Insulation

  • U.V. Resistant

  •  Anti Corrosion

  • Easy to Install

  • Non Toxic Low Thermal Conductivity

  • Highly Durable

Types of FRP Cable Trays

Considering all kinds of cable runs, RMC offers two types of Cable Trays:

  • FRP Ladder Type Cable Tray

  • FRP Channel Type Cable Tray

FRP Ladder Type Cable Trays

FRP Ladder Type Cable Trays are offered by assembling different types of combinations of Pultruded Cross Sections, Side runners and Rugs. The Rungs are epoxy bonded and fastened to demonstrate high strength against Uniform loads Point, and Side.

FRP Channel Type Cable Trays (Perforated)

The channel type, solid bottom, pre-drilled cable trays are designed for light loads namely instrumentation and control cables and for transition from cable trays to individual control points.