Feeder Pillar

Feeder Pillar

A feeder pillar (also known as a power box, distribution pillar, or feeder pillar box) is a cabinet used in house electrical equipment. Feeder pillars act as a central circuit that distributes electricity to outgoing circuits downstream to the feeder pillar. This setup provides circuit protection, along with the capacity to be easily controlled.

Similar to a junction box, a feeder pillar box protects people from coming into contact with live wires, as well as protecting wires from dust and dampness.

The low voltage feeder pillar comprises of the following components

  • Feeder Pillar Enclosure

  • Busbars

  • Instrumental panel

  • Incoming Units

  • Outgoing Units

  • Current transformer


  • ¬†Airports

  • Highways

  • Rail

  • Substations

  • Street Lighting

  • Temporary Generator Power Hook Ups