Distributon Box 16 KVA with Meter Arrangement

Distributon Box 16 KVA with Meter Arrangement

RMC manufactures a 16 KVA Distribution Box suitable for all types of meters. These meter boxes are known for their durability and can withstand temperature conditions.

Leveraging on product experience & resources, we are executing orders and supplying to State Govts. and OEMs successfully across India.

We bring for our clients precision made 16 KVA Distribution Box with Meter Arrangement.

These boxes are robustly designed with quality components to provide years of hassle free performance. These meter boxes are individually packed in cartons and can be delivered within the lead time.

We are a renowned Distribution Boxes manufacturer in India.


  • Shock Proofs and rustproofs

  • Rot-proof and termite resistant

  • Cable entry from bottom and/or sides

  • 100% weatherproof

  • Restricts unauthorised tapping

  • Maintenance-free

  • Pole mounting / Wall mounting arrangement

  • Tamper proof

  • Pilferage proof

Wide range is available as per technical specification of various Indian State Govt. Power Distribution Companies.


RMC experts test the meter box as per the IS standards. Each test is performed in the laboratory that is accredited by the standard government bodies to ensure that the meter box meets all the requirements and safety standards.

Routine Test (Carried out on all boxes):

  •  Overall Dimensions Checking.

  • Insulation Resistance Tests.

  • High Voltage Test at 2500 V, 50 Hz AC for one minute.

  • High Voltage Test on MCCBs.

Acceptance Tests (on complete Distribution Box):

Following tests shall be carried out as per acceptance tests in addition to routine tests on one random sample of each rating out of the lot offered for inspection: i. Temperature rise test on one sample of each rating. Temperature rise test will be carried out as per the procedure given below:

For temperature rise test, a distribution box with all assembly of MCCBs shall be kept in an enclosure such that the temperature outside the box shall be maintained at 50 ° C. For 16 KVA load current of 25A for three phase and 70A for single phase, shall be maintained in incoming circuit of distribution box, keeping outgoing circuits short, till the temperature stabilizes and maximum temperature rise should be recorded.