Discover our products that contribute to ending electrocution in india!

Distribution Transformer Centres 

We also undertake installation of the FRP Fencing around the Distribution Transformers.We have installed more than 10000 running meters of FRP States in various states of Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, GOA,Maharashtra, Delhi and Odisha.

Smart Metering 
RMC Switchgears was the first to design and bring special meter enclosures and panels in India.These enclosures had integrated wiring and DCUs that can be used by various metering companies.With over 25 million energy meter enclosures delivered pan Indida, this solution has proven to be most effective and efficient.

DT Metering 

Our DT Metering enclosure systems have over 2 million installations across multiple Indian states.These enclosures are available in Deep Drawn and SMC.

Service Connections

Our service connection boxes paved our way towards our main mission of reducing electrical accidents and thefts. As one of the first-movers in organising service connections, we prevented multiple electrical system leakages in India.